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This is the home of Coordination Patterns™, a revolutionary concept that can improve the way you live, behave, deal with people, handle stress and exercise. Many people know the Patterns as "Thrust, Shape, Swing, and Hang". These names for the Patterns came from the movement side of their function as the movement-mind link.  However, the purpose of this site is to understand how to harness the whole movement-mind link of the Coordination Patterns™. It is to go beyond the Patterns as primarily an exercise program to their complete, whole mind/body experience - "Moves 4 Greatness™".

This "movement-mind link" idea is so simple yet revolutionary in understanding; it has been hard to capture in words.  Leadership types will know the Patterns as Driver, Organizer, Collaborator, and Visionary...Educators will think in terms of Mentor, Instructor, Coach and Challenger...and those who have been introduced to them as Coordination Patterns™ will still know them as Thrust, Shape, Swing, and Hang.

Moves 4 Greatness and Coordination Patterns™ Training goes deep and far into the exploration of the mind/body link  This provides training to develop each individual's whole and balanced “self” potential, including their interactions with others.  Through...

  • Style and Behavior - From the inside out the Coordination Patterns™ can improve our use of style...a revolutionary, deeper level of change.  Many people think of style as surface while we are speaking about style as part of an inherent self. At this level our behaviors have both physical and mental components which are linked by the Coordination Patterns™.
  • Physical - Understanding and improving each person’s style of movement, their movement habits and the subsequent effects on their body is a major application of Coordination Patterns™ Training.
  • Mental - Opening our use of mental style..... because the patterns coordinate the “mind and body”, this Coordination Patterns™ Training is, at the same time, training to develop each individuals whole and balanced “self” potential.
  • Understanding Ourselves and Others - Seeing how the Patterns function in the depths of personality types, and in the styles of  arts and cultures brings incite into, and appreciation for, human differences, as well as ways to enhance our relationships.
  • Growth and Application - Coordination Patterns™ can become a tool to improve the use of our talents and abilities as we coordinate our approach to the style of our activities. The Patterns are already being applied to communication, creativity, learning, leadership, family, cultural dynamics and movement training; including dance, sports, yoga, tai chi and Pilates.

Coordination Patterns are an essential core life element discovered through an investigation of dance, movement, communication, and the creative process. A primary way that humans function, Coordination Patterns can become an important and useful tool for everyone.