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Elizabeth "Betsy" Wetzig

Betsy Wetzig, dancer, choreographer, movement researcher, educator and author is the originator and director of workshops for Coordination Patterns™ Training which has spread nationally and internationally through a number of groups including, Trager® practitioners, Pilates specialists, Yoga and Tai Chi teachers, neurolinguistic educators, body workers, and leadership and community building programs, such as Interplay and Focus Leadership™. Betsy was also co-developer of  a learning style framework for educators called Full Potential Learning (with Dr. Patricia Pinciotti).  The  use of her Coordination Pattern work for dance education is found in Anne Gilbert's Brain-Compatible Dance Education and Constance Schrader's A Sense of Dance: Exploring Your Movement Potential.  With Ginny Whitelaw she co-authored the book Move to Greatness: Four Essential Energies for Whole and Balanced Leadership, which will be released by Nicholas Brealey Publishing in November.

As a professional modern dancer and choreographer in New York City, Betsy directed the Wetzig Dance Company from 1971-82, and Sound Shapes, an improvisational group of dancers and musicians from 1971-74. She taught movement, dance and education courses at Cedar Crest College, PA and before that at Upsala College, NJ. She has presented nationally to such groups as the American Massage Therapy Association, Congress on Research in Dance, American Dance Therapy Association, and International Alliance for Learning, as well as individual businesses, educational institutes, school districts, and developmental groups.  She is currently a principle presenter at the Twin Ponds Integrative Health Center, PA.  Betsy graduated with a B.A. in Dance from Randolph-Macon Women’s College in Virginia. She has received a fellowship from the National Endowment for the Arts in choreography, a choreographic fellowship at the 59th Street Y, as well as a number of other state and private foundation grants.

A more detailed biography of Betsy and the story of finding the Patterns is available here.

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Betsy Wetzig, dancer, choreographer, movement researcher and teacher. Originator of Coordination Patterns Training.

Betsy Wetzig, dancer, choreographer, movement researcher and teacher, is the originator of Coordination Patterns Training.