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Coordination Patterns

Coordinated Mind/Body Links: Thrust, Shape, Swing, & Hang

The Coordination Patterns™ are core or primal patterns of our "self".  They make our movement and our mind function as one.  Thus understanding the functions of the Coordination Patterns™ (Thrust, Shape, Swing, Hang) provides insights into ourselves and others. The Patterns can become a tool to improve the use of our talents and abilities, both physical and mental. From the inside out they can improve our use of style.

These Patterns of our neurology are fundamental to our every activity. One can see them in the over-Shaped locked ribs of fear, the interactive Swing of play, the Thrust of an assertive argument, and the Hang motion of someone “just chillin'”. They were found as the  neuromuscular tension patterns and scale which were discovered by Dr. Josephine Rathbone at Columbia University in 1936, and further study by Dr. Rathbone and Dr. Valerie Hunt at UCLA in the 1960s. Seeing that they were indeed the mind-body link in the 1970's Betsy Wetzig began to investigate and develop ways of working with these patterns.  She also discovered that the Patterns had extremely useful movement centers as well as over-rides which could block the function of other Patterns.

Physically the patterns function in our  breathing, gait, alignment, flexibility, range of motion, and motor skills. Their mental attributes include types of: awareness, reasoning, perception mode, and  more. These and other Pattern characteristics are the human elements through which we communicate, create, perceive, learn and so much more. With and through them our styles and cultures are created. The fact that there is a neuromuscular tension difference in the way people use the four Coordination Patterns™ is a major cause of why and how we use different styles. These neuromuscular differences also effect personality development and the way we relax and handle tension and stress. 

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Coordination Patterns are an essential core life element discovered through an investigation of dance, movement, communication, and the creative process. A primary way that humans function, Coordination Patterns can become an important and useful tool for everyone.