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The Thought of Shape............Shape places!

It makes the mind/motion quality of Shape to:

  • Do Yoga
  • Dance ballet like Baryshnikov
  • Paint like Michelangelo
  • Write like Shakespeare
  • Curtsy to the queen
  • Hold your balance on one leg

You have seen it when you watched:

  • A guard at Buckingham Palace
  • A poodle sitting up
  • A child sort blocks
It works from part to whole, thinking and sorting correctly, while utilizing the verbal and auditory abilities of the left brain mode. In the English language it places words in sentences to make meaning , and creates sonnets and plays like William Shakespeare. It has also created great orchestral music like Beethoven’s, which requires musicians to use Shape to play their instruments while sitting in their correct, prioritized, place in the orchestra.

Theoretically (reasonably) and systematically oriented Shape manages well and formally, which has been demonstrated by the English empire and parliament. These qualities can be particularly observed in the Prime Ministers Questioning, high tea, boxing (within it’s timed rounds and bell, and “no hitting below the belt”, and formal English gardens.

Its ability to conceptualize into the proper form, and to understand and present character can be seen in Leonardo Davinci's “Mona Lisa” and in the portrait art of the Roman Empire as well as in the novels of Dickens.

Shape works in the symmetry of design and prioritized balance. It works directly with reason and understanding. It constantly questions, wanting to understand before it acts. It also wants to focus on the plan before ( in front of) the goal to make sure it is correct and possible. It also wants to make sure the outcome after the goal considers all the consequences.

In leadership it is seen as the Organizer Pattern.

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'Shape works in the symmetry of design and placed balance...'