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Release, Re-Pattern and Renew - Coordination Patterns™ Training


It does not matter if you want to move better, or work better, or understand others, or just live a better life. Your whole self (your behaviors and use of style) gets healthier and better functioning as your "core parts" (the four Coordination Patterns) improve in both ease of access and freedom of use.  The Training makes the Patterns more accessible and useful to you through knowledge, understanding,  specifically designed physical practice and mental/behavioral applications.

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  • RELEASE - Freeing the muscles, joints, and behaviors from the mis-used Patterns and Over-rides.

  • RE-PATTERN - Developing the full and harmonized use of all four Patterns, and the power of your inherent Style!

  • RENEW - Harnessing the characteristics of each Pattern for enhanced capabilities, health, well being and personal development.

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