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Coordination Pattern Training - Pilates 

Revolutionary work on the core of the core.

"Harnessing the movement-mind link" to...

  • Increase your marketability as a Pilates Instructor with Coordination Patterns Training.

  • Enhance your understanding of the core beyond traditional Pilates-based training.

  • Utilize the mind aspects of Joseph Pilates' work to improve communication with clients.

  • Rediscover your own practice of Pilates with a revolutionary perspective on your mind's body...understand the mental aspects of movement.

  • Deepen your understanding of Joseph Pilates' original work.

Workshops are available for Pilates Instructors in both Mat and Apparatus.
Pilates Mat Patterns Application Workshops

Pilates Apparatus Patterns Application Workshops

  • Coordination Patterns™ Training for Pilates Apparatus Basic

  • Coordination Patterns™ Training for Pilates Apparatus Intermediate

  • Coordination Patterns™ Training for Pilates Apparatus Advanced (*Registered Level)

*To attain the status of a registered teacher of the Coordination Patterns Training for Pilates Matwork and/or Apparatus will require passing an examination to be administered at the end of the advanced level workshops.

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