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Betsy Wetzig in class instruction.

The training always includes lecture-demonstrations and exercises (both physical and mental), which have been created for simplicity, ease, enjoyment and understanding. Everything is designed to bring awareness and improve the use of all four Patterns. For those of you who have been introduced to the Patterns through, our book Move To Greatness: Focusing on the Four Essential Energies of a Whole and Balanced Leader and our other colleagues there is much more for you to harness and explore from Coordination Pattern Training and all its marvelous outcomes.

Basic Training

Functioning as primary or primal patterns of our behavior and style, these Patterns effect everything we do from the way we walk, argue, and brush our teeth, to the way we learn, play golf or write a novel. These classes and workshops harness both these physical and mental functions of the Patterns, as well as, bring and use a deeper awareness of the mind and body fusion..."and even who and what we are."  In such work utilizing the "instantaneous corrective effect" of the Pattern exercises makes prevention of injury, and improving  Pattern use major outcomes.


Application Training

Workshops, classes and individual sessions or coaching can also focus on the applications of the training such as education, sports or movement skills, body work, creativity, improvisation skills, leadership, family communication, or cultural understanding. They have already been designed for painters, musicians, dancers, improvisers, business people, families, couples, moms and tots, educators, students, speakers, writers, psychologists, social workers, physical therapists, drama therapists, art therapist, dance therapists, coaches, basketball, football and field and track teams, wrestlers, golfers, people with specific physical problems such as MS and stroke victims, and  Pilates, Yoga and Tai Chi practitioners. Workshops have been designed for people of all ages from 2 to 92. People with specific physical problems such as MS and stroke victims, physical therapists, body workers and massage therapists, coaches, basketball, football and field and track teams, wrestlers, golfers and more can all benefit from Coordination Patterns™ Training Workshops.


Join one of our upcoming sessions or workshops. Specific outcomes can be designed for your interests and needs.
Some Outcomes of Coordination Pattern Training...

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