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The research that has been done with the Coordination Patterns has been incorporated into the works of many individuals, organizations and movement styles. Dr. Ginny Whitelaw on her web site Focus Leadership refers to the Patterns as "Motional Intelligence" and uses the terms Driver, Organizer, Collaborator, and Visionary. In a document available on her web site at, Marcia McFee refers to the Patterns as "Primal Patterns" and talks about the Patterns "over-rides". Tracey Epting at Symmetrical Energy Arts has been incorporating the Patterns into her work with her clients in her Pilates studio. And Cynthia Winton-Henry, Co-founder of Interplay talks about how Thrust. Shape, Swing, and Hang were incorporated into the InterPlay system early on.

These are but a few examples of how the Coordination Patterns are being incorporated into the our every day life and how encompassing they are. For more information on how each of the above individuals and organizations have made use of Coordination Patterns, please visit their web sites or click on the links on the right of this page that will direct you to their individual pages on our site.

Betsy's work has been enriched by her Colleagues and she is constantly looking for new ones. Such people have an expertise in a specific area and are willing to commit to several years of interactive work and training with Betsy.