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Focus Leadership

Focus Leadership, LLC

Developing the whole leader...we don't stop at the neck

Focus Leadership is committed to accelerating the development of whole and balanced leaders who can see the whole picture, engage wholeheartedly, and be wholly effective without burning out.  Core to our programs is the Focus Energy Balance Indicator™ (FEBI™), a unique assessment of one’s energy patterns interlinking mind, body and behavior.  Visit www.focusleadership.com to learn more about our offerings in custom programs, open enrollment programs, Move to Greatness workshops, team facilitation, and executive coaching.  Find out how the patterns and our integrated approach can move training and development in your organization to a totally new level of engagement and effectiveness. And while you’re learning about us, visit the FEBI Assessment Center to learn more about your own pattern preferences, potential risk areas, and how you can literally move to greatness.

Visit colleague's web site www.focusleadership.com

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