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The Intuition of Hang............Hang Flows to the Essence!

It makes the mind/motion quality of Hang to:

  • Slide into base
  • Learn experientially
  • Compose music like Charles Ives
  • Paint like Miro
  • Make the gliding action of ice-skating
  • Dance like Isadora Duncan
  • Handle random information

You have seen it when you watched:

  • Michael Jordan play basketball
  • A Great Dane flop to the floor
  • A child spin around and then fall to the floor
It improvises with spontaneity while seeking the essence of how things are. It goes with the flow and connects with being, like the music of Miles Davis and the paintings and brush stroke of Rothko. Experiential, it becomes one with the environment, discovering what is within it, like Einstein’s discovery that e=mc2 and Jane Goodall’s work with the gorillas. Using the power of the right brain mode’s power to gestalt with intuition, it is the mechanism of the eureka event.

Holistically oriented (the big picture), it sometimes has trouble dealing with the details, preferring to let them fall into place. Kinesthetically and aesthetically oriented it sees and deals with movement and the movement of energy.  It can be experienced in the Chinese philosophy of Taoism and it’s mind/body use of Tai Chi, the haunting music and the playing of Chinese instruments, the incredible flow of traffic on China’s streets and sidewalks, and the dragons on fine Chinese pottery.

Brain-storming, flexible and random in balance and design, Hang works with a risk taking entrepreneurial spirit to find new answers for chronic problems and to open new ways of succeeding. Indirect, free flowing, and peace seeking it will go around any problem or obstacle it can. 

In leadership it is seen as the Visionary Pattern.

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'Hang works with a risk taking entrepreneurial spirit to find new answers for chronic problems...'