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Coordination Patterns™ - Over-Rides

Over-rides… are best thought of as one coordination pattern over-riding another while exaggerating its own elements and characteristics.

Every over-ride has definite positive advantages, but keeping the over-rides turned on too long brings problems, including pain and burn-out. Most people recognize the results of the over-rides as they appear both physically and mentally in their lives, but few have an awareness of how they started or how to healthfully manage them. 

For instance, the Shape over-ride blocks the Swing pattern which helps Western society males to "suck it up", ignore pain, as in, "no pain, no gain" and "shape up" with a "stiff upper lip" so they don't show emotion or cry. But how to turn it off when they want to feel and show emotion, prevent injury or hit a better golf shot.... that is another story.

Working with the over-rides Coordination Pattern™ Training brings:
  • Understanding awareness and the ability to turn on and off the over-rides at will.
  • Special warm-up exercises which can be applied to a specific life focus... golfer, business person, artist, yoga instructor or educator, etc. These exercises work with the misuses of the Patterns and work-related over-rides which cause reduced effectiveness of skills and talents as well as physical problems.
  • Workshops which specifically focus on the over-rides to helps trainers and coaches see into the malfunctioning of the patterns and help them apply the best exercises for quicker and healthier results.

To read more about the Over-rides, including the positives and negatives please click here.

Over-rides - Positives and Negatives | Over-rides - Injuries

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Coordination Patterns are an essential core life element discovered through an investigation of dance, movement, communication, and the creative process. A primary way that humans function, Coordination Patterns can become an important and useful tool for everyone.