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The Sense of Thrust............Thrust Does!

It makes the mind/motion quality of Thrust to:

  • Throw a javelin
  • Dance like Michael Jackson
  • Assert yourself at a meeting
  • Push for speed in a sprint run
  • Compose music like Stravinsky
  • Paints like Picasso
  • Write like E. E. Cummings

You have seen it when you watched:

  • A baseball manager "get in the face" of an umpire
  • A pit-bull in a charge
  • A child having a temper tantrum
Thrust visualizes and understands by seeing patterns and by using all the senses to recognize patterns. It utilizes the power of the right brainís ability to gestalt. You see Thrust in Picasso's patterned images and his brush stroke. You hear and feel the beat of itís patterned drive in the music of Rock music.

Goal oriented, itís mastery and skill are clearly seen in Japanese flower arrangements, fine pottery, tea ceremonies, Kabuki theater, drum music and Karate. Itís ability to objectify and name is seen and heard in the poetic form of the Japanese Haiku.

Thrust works on the cross reflex and loves diagonals and asymmetry, which can be seen in the choreography of Martha Graham and the powerful energy of work such as sawing wood or using a sledge hammer. To know, it constantly tests and measures its environment. (What better way to use your senses? To find if salt is salty you taste test.) Results oriented, driving and exact it has a functional practicality that is focused on the bottom line.

In leadership this is the Driver pattern.

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'Thrust works on the cross reflex and loves diagonals and asymmetry...'