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Coordination Patterns™ - Over-ride Positives and Negatives

Every over-ride has definite positive advantages, but keeping the over-rides turned on too long brings problems. For Shape, it super turns on the Organizer's "get it right" which most Western corporate cultures demand. Actually, in some cultures its “Corporate Rib" look is seen as a mark of trustworthiness, but its rib and joint tightening brings problems with breathing, a variety of joint ailments and difficulties jumping and swinging. 

The Thrust over-ride, which looks like a brace, has power but lacks flexibility. Over-tightening the hips and occipitals, it functions in headaches and hip problems, just to name a few. On the other hand, if you want to drive yourself past stress to burnout, or save a child in a burning building using its pin-pointed vision, alacrity and power, it is just what you need.

In America, the Hang over-ride is easily seen in many high school boys, with their slung look and loose fitting clothes. It helps them deal with the Hang space and time elements of the Internet, and avoidance of conflict, but teachers and parents will tell you organization and "thinking first" are problems. Its physical and mental difficulties depend on the home pattern and style being used.

This is also true of the Swing pattern over-ride, but for different reasons. Hang over-ride exaggerates the "other" pattern, while Swing interacts with it. So it is harder to say what Swing over-ride looks like. It is blocking Thrust, so as it is lacking power and directness, it has a soft look and exaggerates interactive abilities. 

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Coordination Patterns are an essential core life element discovered through an investigation of dance, movement, communication, and the creative process. A primary way that humans function, Coordination Patterns can become an important and useful tool for everyone.