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Coordination Pattern Training Exercises 

The best way to experience all that the Moves 4 Greatness Coordination Patterns can bring you is to experience the movement exercises of a class or workshop. The exercises were specifically made, to utilize the "instantaneous corrective effect" of the proper uses of each Pattern's coordination and centers. Thus the exercises will help you  to deal with specific applications of the Patterns ( both mental and physical) and to improve your own use of the Patterns for prevention of injury, health and well being. As always you should check with your doctor before starting any form of exercise routine.


An Exercise from Release, Re-pattern, and Renew Classes - The RIB CIRCLES

This is one of the exercises to bring awareness to the locking of the ribs caused by the Shape Over-Ride, and to re-pattern them into the freedom they are meant to have.

Position:  Sit with feet firmly planted on the floor.  Do all movements with as much free flow, gliding (Hang) motion as you can.
  1. Place your fingers on a lower rib on the right side. Don't push, this is just for awareness training.

  2. Move the rib forward and back 6 times.  Other ribs will have movement but concentrate on just one.
  3. Move the rib side to side 6 times.
  4. Twist and turn, and bend and feel the rib move.
  5. Make a vertical circle in with the rib 6 times, then reverse direction for 6 circles.
  6. Make a horizontal circle with the rib 6 times, then reverse direction for 6 circles.
  7. Make a diagonal circle from right hip to left shoulder 6 times, then reverse the direction for 6 circles.
  8. Make a diagonal circle from left hip to right shoulder 6 times, then reverse the direction for 6 circles.

Awareness moment - breath slowly notice that your right ribs have more movement then your left and that your lungs have more movement and space on that side.  If you have been stressed you will also notice an increased relaxation.
  1. Do 1-8 with a rib on the left side

Awareness moment - Feel the easy motion of the ribs and lungs.  This exercise can be used to center and calm your Shape Pattern Center, which is at the solar plexus /diaphragm areas.  If repeated daily, over time it helps to make you aware of when you are beginning to tighten your ribs as you get stressed.

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